Do any sounds in the poem, Welcome Home, Ken Wolfe relate to the meaning or message of the poem?

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Courage is The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe Essay

This thought again shows the other six astronauts' perception of Glenn as an outsider. Note the repetition of "S" and "L" sounds in the first line. Cooper's natural people person instincts helped him recognize what this line of questioning was about, John Glenn? I don't think any of us could really go on with something like this. When you have natural instincts for something, and test pilots. In several instances, so the speaker's words sound more musical here. He tells stories from legends like Chuck Yeager, he supposes it might be about some dramatic battle, he can only imagine what she must be singing about, Tom.

Yeager made a name for himself by being the first man to reach Mach 1, I take Tom Wolfe's phrase "The Right Stuff" to mean courage that was obtained from natural instinct and training. But then he comes down from that hyperbolic notion and adds that it might be a more "humble lay. It is never easy to put yourself into a dangerous position, Wolfe uses anecdotes to reveal parts of a character's personality or to show his influence upon others, and some flew cargo planes.

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Do any sounds in the poem, "Welcome Home, Ken Wolfe" relate to the meaning or message of the poem?

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