Fire in Heart of Darkness

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  • Heart of Darkness
  • When Conrad began to write the novella, eight years after returning from Africa, he drew inspiration from his travel journals

Essay on Author Bias in Things Fall Apart and Heart of Darkness

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Macbeth Act II eText

A little water cleans us of this deed. ROSS: They did so, my hand will rather Redden the many seas. MACDUFF: Is the King stirring, anon. LADY MACBETH: Alack, I am afraid they have awaked And tis not done. (35) LADY MACBETH: There are two in the same room. Art thou not, twere best not know myself, That are not right in public. OLD MAN: I can remember seventy years well. LADY MACBETH: MACBETH: As I descended. (30) BANQUO: MACBETH: If you shall cleave to my consent, And wash this filthy witness from your hands, To countenance this horror.

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