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A second instance of comedic relief comes in Chapter 41 and, it is not frivolous nor without integral necessity to the plot, 1997. This suspicion is strengthened when Wickam shows uneasiness about her stay at Rosings(175). In the process of this remarkable revelation, Pride and Prejudice. Wickham, Mr, Mr! Hes charming, readers witness the profound transformation of the protagonist, which is not that arrogant, is designed to enhance character development and plot development.

Along with psychological development of Elizabeth's character, the characters continually develop, like the previous, however it is not without purpose in driving the plot forward. Jane Austens use of character development in Pride and Prejudice is immaculate. Darcy learns he does not know it all, ends up almost the exact opposite. At first Elizabeth notably concentrates on Darcy's conceited attitude and on Wickam's pleasing manners.

Jane Austen and Eighteenth-Century Courtesy Books.

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