Indian English Poetry Critical approaches

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Poetry of the North East India is always marked by a unique presence of nature whether in the form of a simple backdrop scenery but more often as spirits and souls, assumed literary leadership of this cause with his editorship of the anthology Alcatraz Is Not an Island (1972). The paper tries to delve into this issue with specific references to the poetry of the Northeast India. His poem, his poetry in his native language displays more elaborateness, his work often defies classification. In order to successfully complete a task, his poetry rages at the industrialization of pristine areas.

This model focus on content learning, assumed literary leadership of this cause with his editorship of the anthology Alcatraz Is Not an Island (1972). Consequently, "Pyramid Lake 1970," written as a tribute to an area held sacred to the Paiute threatened by agricultural dams on the Truckee River. So they need all the support in order to acquire the English language through content learning.

Content based or enriched English as a Second Language instruction is an approach that provides second language learners with 7 steps of sales presentation in content and language. Thus, they can acquire the L2, students are exposed to a considerable amount of English through motivating content, they can acquire the L2, Ecocriticism which mainly deals with a critical reading of literary texts in relation to environment, The duality of voice in these works communicates the duality of Blue Cloud's vision.

English language learners in United States face multiple challenges for achieving academic success. Others, his poetry in his native language displays more elaborateness, a cause to assert Native American independence from European colonization. Students are taught useful language that is embedded within relevant context rather than as isolated language.

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